Attaining Safety with a Burglar Alarm


Decades ago, home alarm systems were just found in rich people's homes. Nowadays however, the rates have actually dropped, and they are more common in typical homes. A lot of individuals who purchase alarm systems and sensors from newer do it yourself system providers to avoid monthly fees. That's where our sensors and motion detectors can help the homeowner build out their ideal system that's reliable and secure. They can be wired or wireless and depending on how you install them, you can use our sensors to guard your doors and windows or watch choke points inside your home like foyers and stairways inside of your house.

Motion sensing units pick up any type of motion within a specific radius to the sensing unit. The sensors then transmit a signal to the alarm panel, which in turn alerts you or your chosen monitoring center. Most of our motion sensors can be configured to adjust the sensitivity of the unit as well. That way, you can configure the sensors to avoid false alarms while still being sensitive enough to detect a burglar. The sensitivity is a valuable added feature for people with pets, since dogs and cats can set off false alarms, causing needless worry by you and possible fines by the local police department.

Generally, it's a great idea to use motion sensors and magnetic switches with your burglar alarm setup. Magnetic switches will safeguard windows and doors while the motion sensing units will safeguard bigger spaces, such as living rooms and hallways. The mix of the 2 is never a bad concept - and will certainly go a long method in protecting your home.

One thing you may not have considered though, is the use of laser detectors. You may already have one on your garage door opener. Our laser sensors establish an invisible beam of light between the source and the detector. When something crosses the path of the beam and breaks the connection, then the sensor sends an alert to the panel. Laser detectors work especially well when you only need to cover a small area in one direction. Unlike typical passive infrared motion sensors, they have a very focused beam, allowing you great control over the area covered.

Video cameras are also typical these days, and can be mounted in very strategic locations throughout the parameter of your home. You can also record the video to a DVR or NVR as well, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to record evidence to provide to the police department.

You can also get a burglar system from a full-service home security company too. Many companies monitor their systems from a central office and man them all day, every day answering calls and dispatching police when there is a problem. The alarm company will first try to contact you and then will dispatch fire and police. By doing this, night or day, no matter where you go, your home will certainly still be secured.

Investing in a burglary system of any type is always a wise financial investment. It's much cheaper than losing your possessions to criminals. If you've been stressed about your home and losing your things, then consider getting an alarm with some of our sensors.